Our Majorca holiday experience, June 2012: the moped hire!

Scooter hire Magalluf WARNING! Scooter hire Magaluf

Thinking of renting a moped from Med-Ped while on holiday?

Read this first....

med-ped moped hire majorca JUST returned from a great week in Palma Nova, during which we rented two Piaggio 50cc mopeds from Med-Ped, a company that operates over a number of the Spanish islands. The Palma Nova shop is run by a lovely couple, the hire is very good value for money (50 for three days on a Piaggio ZIP, 65 for three days on an NRG!!).

Med-Ped's mopeds seem to be rented out in perfect condition, and as we left the couple warned us that the insurance was third party only. That was a bit of a shock, but wasn't going to stop us now from riding off, having done all the paperwork.

Holiday rip-off hire scooterYou leave them with blank, signed Visa slips as a deposit, something that is quite normal and I have done many times in England hiring boats.

I was fully prepared to pay for any damage caused, though of course if someone should steal the bike (unlikely in Spain) or accidentally reverse into it while it's parked, you run the risk of paying for damage which isn't your fault.

Off we went, and had a fantastic few days touring around on the mopeds. I'd booked them for three days and was going to extend them for the full week.

Sadly, the night before the three days was up, a little mistake meant one of the peds went sliding. This caused grazing to the front panel, grazing to the mirror stalk, and a crack in a rear panel.

I returned to the Med-Ped shop in the morning, intending still to extend and to ask for an estimate of the bill for the damage. Having seen that all the peds are rented out in more or less perfect condition, I was expecting to be charged for 2 new plastic panels, maybe touching up of the mirror stalk and possibly a labour charge and maybe even a charge for a day or two lost rental on the bike while it was being repaired. I hadn't noticed any scratches on the brake lever, but apparently there were.

All fair and proper.

The poor shop owner's face looked like thunder. His lovely wife wasn't there at this point, but she returned later, and there was a lot of shouting going on between them. I had asked for the price of the damage, as I wanted to pay immediately, rather than come home to an uncertain bill on my Visa card.

The man got out a folder, and opened it on the desk. It had pictures of all their bikes, with the parts labelled, and what they charge for damage to any part. My eyes got as far as the first price: for just one of the panels, the rear one I think: 378. The rest of the page became a blur of big numbers.

The reason the couple were so upset and arguing was because they hate this part of the job: ripping holidaymakers off.

To cut a long story short, for the superficial damage to the moped which you can see below, Med-Ped charged me:


A FULL SET OF PANELS FOR A PIAGGIO 50cc ZIP COSTS LESS THAN 130 (See this link) The shop has its own well equipped workshop and DOZENS of yellow plastics for their peds hanging up, suggesting bulk buying and regular replacement of scratched plastics. My guess is a couple of plastics costs them hardly anything and with a charge for labour, a fair price for the damage would have been maybe 100-150 Euros and they'd still make a healthy profit.

Here's the damage that blew a hole in my credit cards and ruined our holiday:

Med Ped scooter hire warning
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Med ped moped hire warning Med ped moped hire warning Med ped moped hire warning
If you have any comments about my experience, questions you'd like to ask or if you've suffered a similar rip-off you'd like to tell us about, please email me via mopeds@middx.net

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