German bombing of Hayes in the war

From Eric Hayles, commenting on the article about air raid shelters by Ernest Bray

Ernest Bray, in his interesting memories of local air-raids and air-raid shelters during WWII, is mistaken in saying that the "Gram" suffered no bomb damage. A lot of lives were lost there when a "Doodlebug" V1 flying-bomb landed between occupied underground shelters one afternoon. There is a grave/s and memorial/s to those died, in Cherry Lane Cemetery, Harlington.

AEC, Southall, was also hit several times, but only once suffering severe damage. That was on the night of 24th Sep 1940 when the Service Dept was hit by a bomb, which put a large part of the building completely out of use for six months. The plant had been been earmarked for attack by the Luftwaffe and their detailed plans were discovered during the Allied advance.

Lastly, Hayes was within the range of German aircraft and suffered several attacks causing damage and loss of life, but besides Northolt, the RAF also had fighter bases at Heston and at Heathrow.

Hoping this helps,

Eric Hayles.
Feb 3rd, 2002

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