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Author:  Stephen Allcroft [ Tue Apr 08, 2014 2:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Sydney

‘Sydney’ back in Glasgow.

When I visit the Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust at Bridgeton Bus Garage: I joined at last October’s running day and turn out most Sundays to catalogue the photographs – I’m 600-in exactly (of untold thousands) at close of play last Sunday– I sometimes walk down the Rimsdale Street side and around the back to get to the entrance gate on Fordneuk Street, I’m glad I did so last Sunday as walking sown that side allows me to see what’s over the pits, through the glazing GCT’s architect provided, two pits away from A350 (see the AEC section of the forum) was ‘Sydney’ aka New South Wales Department of Government Transport 1877 (m/o 1877, GSU378) the Albion Venturer CX19 repatriated to Scotland a few years ago. Although it is kept at the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum at Lathalmond in Fife, it visits Bridgeton Bus Garage when attention by time-served Scotstoun hands is required.

One of the team looking after A350 told the four of us working in the archive rooms that they were about to move it off the pits so I went down to see that (see AEC section as above) while I was stood out of harm’s way awaiting, there was a shout from up the pit-lane that ‘Sydney’ was to be fired up and driven off, as at Sunday the exhaust system was mainly absent, including the silencer, so we all prepared ourselves for what the modern traction rail-buffs call ‘thrash’.
‘Syndey’ started up cleanly and light grey smoke wafted up around the 9.1 litre Albion Oil Engine and the forward quarters of the bus as it slowly rolled off the pit in reverse, obviously the engine attention it has received at Bridgeton has been of help as I remember its emissions being much darker (‘claggier’ in diesel-loco fan argot) when starting prior to its public run to Killermont Street and the Riverside Museum on the 2012 GVVT Running Day; once into forward I heard again the sound of this rare bus at higher than tickover speed, If you’ve never heard a big Albion-designed diesel its like the contemprorary Leyland 8.6 but deeper in tone... Once heard never forgotten... I don’t know how long it’s visting its home town-for this time, but it’s likely to be staying in Glasgow until the exhaust system is renewed: currently the manifold leads to a joint just-about by the clutch-housing to which nothing was joined at the time.

Also on the pits briefly was H3FBT, the Optare Delta, now not only refinished in Blackpool Transport green and cream but carrying correct fleetname and number transfers for this livery. I am not of the school that think every bus should be restored into its original condition, and I do think that the green and cream suits the Delta better than the French blue with Oxford blue skirt and white side stripe of Fylde Blue Buses in which it was delivered; also it matches the owners’ Blackpool Titan PD3.

Best Wishes
Stephen Allcroft

Author:  Stephen Allcroft [ Thu May 15, 2014 5:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sydney

Exhaust system was fitted last week; she'll probably be on show in Fife next Sunday.

Author:  Stephen Allcroft [ Mon Jun 23, 2014 3:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sydney

Sydney is with us at Bridgeton for this year and was shown at the Riverside museum yesterday, parked next to the Albion Trust's Duple bodied Valiant.

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